The timetable for this year is constantly being updated. The main Topics for Auckland 2040 are 059, 060, 062 and 063 on Residential Objectives, Policies, Development Rules and Assessment Criteria.  The mediation for these is scheduled for late June and July with three hearings in October.

What can you do?

If you made a submission or further submission and asked to be heard, make sure you confirm with the IHP that you want to be heard for each hearing you are involved with.

It is difficult to work out which hearings relate to issues you have made submissions on. To assist you with working out which hearings you need to attend, we have prepared a step-by-step guide you can find here.

The process can seem overwhelming for community groups and individuals. If you made a submission or  further submission please stay involved.  Contact the IHP support staff with any concerns. If you have made a submission supporting us or requesting similar changes to the Unitary Plan and would like Auckland 2040 to represent you at the hearings, please let us know by email and also advise the IHP of this. 

Note – we are only involved in Auckland-wide issues, not specific areas. 

Make a donation!

We still need a lot of financial support to engage urban designers and other experts to assist us at the hearings this year.
Please make a donation to help us.

You can make a deposit donation to the following account.
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Auckland 2040 is committed to ensuring that the future development of Auckland under the Auckland Unitary Plan balances the need for intensification with protecting the character of our residential areas.

We keep in touch with a large number of community and residents’ groups from all over Auckland as well as individuals who share our desire for Auckland to remain a great place to live and work. We aim to keep people informed about what is happening with the Unitary Plan and how they can have input into the process.

We have formed an alliance with the Character Coalition which represents over 60 groups concerned with heritage and character issues and are working together closely to achieve our aims.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, contact us at


Auckland 2040 played a key role in getting Auckland Council to change the draft Unitary Plan so that haphazard intensification would not be able to occur in large areas of Auckland’s suburbs.

We made extensive submissions on the residential provisions of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP). We still have major concerns about the type of development that will result from the rules in the PAUP, there is real potential for some very poor developments, despite what the Council says

Click here to see Auckland 2040's full submission

Click here for the Summary of Decisions Requested on the Proposed Plan

Auckland 2040 has made further submissions against the big developers and others who have asked for further significant relaxation of the rules for residential development.

The report on Further Submissions is available here

Hearings on the PAUP

Hearings are being held by the Independent Hearing Panel (IHP) and started in October 2014. The IHP website has full information on the process (see the Fact Sheets) and should be checked regularly for updates to schedules. If you made a submission or further submission you will be sent an email advising you of when the various stages of the process (pre-hearing meetings, expert conferencing, mediation and hearings) will be held for the topic you made a submission on and what you need to do. All evidence for each hearing is also available on the website on the Hearings page.

Hearings will continue all of this year and into 2016. The IHP is required to report its recommendations on changes to the PAUP by 22 July 2016.