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Auckland 2040 
Planning Spokesperson

The Next Stage 

Further submissions will be called for, probably in June


Auckland 2040 is committed to ensuring that the future development of Auckland under the Auckland Unitary Plan balances the need for intensification with protecting the character of our residential areas.

We keep in touch with a large number of community and residents’ groups from all over Auckland as well as individuals who share our desire for Auckland to remain a great place to live and work. We aim to keep people informed about what is happening with the Unitary Plan and how they can have input into the process.

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Auckland 2040 played a key role in getting the Auckland Council to change the draft Unitary Plan so that haphazard intensification would not be able to occur in large areas of Auckland’s suburbs.

We have made extensive submissions on the residential provisions of the Proposed Unitary Plan (PUP). Submissions closed on 28 February. We still have major concerns about the type of development that will result from the rules in the Proposed Plan, particularly since, under the proposed rules, design requirements will apply to very few residential developments in this zone. With the increase in the bulk of the buildings and coverage allowed under the proposed rules, there is real potential for some very poor developments.

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The Council will call for further submissions, probably in June 2014 if the Council sticks to its timetable. This means that anyone, regardless of whether you have put in a submission, can make a further submission in support of or opposing submissions that were made on the PUP. We think this is a great opportunity for people to support submissions they agree with, whether it is Auckland 2040’s submission or one made by a community group in their area. We will let you know when this is happening and what you can do.